What are my options to address ED?

We offer tailored approaches for managing Erectile Dysfunction

Discover personalized solutions for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) with our Penile Protocol. We understand the importance of finding the right option that fits your unique needs. Explore a range of effective options tailored to address ED concerns, allowing you to regain confidence and achieve optimal sexual wellness. Take charge of your sexual health today by exploring our diverse offerings below.

Supplements and OTC Items

A diverse range of nutritional supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) items are at your disposal to support and enhance sexual wellness. These products aim to address concerns related to libido, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), pleasure enhancement, premature ejaculation, and the promotion of normal sexual function. Our knowledgeable pharmacists can guide you in selecting the most suitable options based on your individual needs. Among these supplements, our Nitric Oxide Booster stands out as a potential aid for individuals managing ED. Nitric Oxide, a naturally occurring molecule in the body, plays a crucial role in signaling blood vessels to facilitate penile blood flow for erections upon stimulation. However, Nitric Oxide levels decline with age, necessitating dietary adjustments or appropriate supplements to maintain optimal levels. 

I am a Men's Health Clinical Liaison with Revelation Pharma and I consult patients and providers on conditions and treatment options affecting mens... weight loss, hormone imbalance, sexual dysfunction, aging and other issues. My approach to treatment can be seen in the Men's Health Module I designed for the BHRT Training Academy.  

Circulatory function is at the head of many conditions, especially sexual function for both men and women. Most men experience the onset of erectile dysfunction in the 45-50ish age range. Not coincidentally, this is around the time we see significant deficiency in endogenous nitric oxide levels. Nitric Oxide (N-0) is an essential gas in our system that is critical to healthy blood flow and related to many metabolic systems in our body.

Many patients are prescribed pde5 inhibitors at this time, but the benefits of these medications typically decrease after only a few years. this again...not a coincidence that N-0 production continues to decline during this period which leaves" no gas in the tank" for the pde5's to function properly. Supplementing these patients with a good nitric oxide booster is a key element in every one of my protocols. Dietary nitric oxide supplements can augment the effects of different pharmacological approaches while offering significant benefits of their own. Patients with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction may find the supplement to be sufficient for their issues while others may need to incorporate the supplement with another ED therapy.

Many patients either cannot use, or prefer not to start on prescription ED medications like pde5 inhibitors. For these patients, I will also recommend my Men's Formula supplement which contains an herbal blend that supports erectile function, mimicking the effects of pde5's, and promotes healthy testosterone and libido. The Men's Formula, which I designed, is a good match with the nitric oxide supplement to support healthy blood flow, function and vitality. Like me, these herbal options predate the arrival of pde5 inhibitors and have been used much longer to promote sexual function.

Vacuum Erection Device (VED)

The Vacuum Erection Device (VED), commonly known as a penis pump, functions as a mechanical apparatus that generates a vacuum to draw blood into the penis. In scenarios such as post-prostate surgery or extended periods of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) due to various causes, penile shrinkage and tissue atrophy may occur. Employing the pump serves as a form of physical therapy, aiding in penile rehabilitation by delivering nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to the penis. Additionally, the VED can facilitate sexual intercourse by utilizing a restrictor band, slid onto the penis base, which helps retain blood in the penis, sustaining an erection for sexual activity. 

The VED is availble in two different models: Manual Vacuum System and a Deluxe Vacuum Device

Oral & Sublingual Medications

Oral pill medications and rapid-acting compounded sublingual medications like troches or rapid dissolve tablets (RDTs) for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) contain similar active ingredients to renowned drugs such as Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), and Levitra (Vardenafil). These medications, categorized as PDE5 Inhibitors, function by amplifying the impact of Nitric Oxide within penile tissue, thereby facilitating increased blood flow into the penis. This mechanism leads to an augmented erectile response when sexually stimulated.

Penile Injections

While the idea of penile injection might initially seem unsettling, it's important to note that it is often nearly painless and highly recommended as an option for ED. Many men who have undergone prostate surgery have found significant success with this therapy. The intracavernous injection, commonly known as "Tri-Mix," involves a combination of prostaglandin, phentolamine, and papaverine. Your physician, along with the pharmacists at Stanley Specialty Pharmacy, will collaborate closely with you, providing guidance on the correct technique and necessary dosage adjustments to ensure the best possible chance for success.

Penile Implant

A penile implant constitutes a prosthetic device crafted from biocompatible plastic, surgically inserted within the penis to simulate a natural erection. This innovation enables a man to engage in sexual intercourse 'on demand' as the erection is readily available without the need for medications. The implant serves as a permanent solution for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), obviating the necessity for ongoing medication to achieve an erection. Primarily suitable for men facing moderate to severe erectile challenges where other treatment modalities have proven ineffective, the penile implant offers a viable alternative.